Department of Transport: Procurement Information Related to COVID-19

South Africa
Public Finance Management Act, 1999

Department of Transport: Procurement Information Related to COVID-19

Government Notice 875 of 2020

  • Published in Government Gazette no. 43607 on 8 August 2020
  • Commenced on 8 August 2020
  • [This is the version of this document from 8 August 2020.]
The Department of Transport hereby publishes its procurement information related to COVID-19 pandemic. The Department followed all the available prescripts by the National Treasury in the COVID-19 procurement processes and all this information contained below has been submitted to the Auditor General for Audit purposes.Quotations were sourced in line with the provisions of the relevant Treasury Instructions and a process of a multiple award approach was utilized to meet the necessary volumes requested in the distribution for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Wear. The Department was required to buy the products for the members of the public and the public transport sector across all the 9 provinces and delivered these to all nine provinces.There was no deviation made on the standard Emergency Procurement Prescripts. Quotations were sourced from multiple companies, evaluated in terms of normal procurement prescripts relating to CSD registration, tax compliance, etc, and awarded as a multiple award to curb cost. There has been full compliance with the National Treasury Prescripts in terms of National Treasury Instruction Note Nr. 3 of 2016/2017 Section 8.1 and 8.2.Companies first had to comply with prescribed procurement processes, including registration on CSD and tax compliance. Qualified bidders were then evaluated on price, per specific item. Only companies that quoted prices below those in the Price Schedule approved by the National Treasury were appointed.
The following suppliers were part of a streamlined multiple award totaling R25 304 111.52:
(i)Ecko-Green Environmental Services
(ii)Consumer Connectedness
(iv)Moloko Family Holdings
The following Products were supplied by the companies in this award:
(i)PENDO-FOG disinfectant fogging machine;
(ii)20/25 Liter Disinfectant refil for the PENDO-FOG
(iii)1 Liter Sanitizers bottles
(iv)20 Liter Sanitizer refill
(v)PPE Disposable Coveralls
(vi)Surgical Masks
(vii)Surgival gloves.
(2)Another award was made in respect to support the Department of Basic Education with Learner Transport Support programme accross all the 9 provinces. Deliveries were made to all the nine provinces. The following companies were contracted to deliver the products:Maputha Ba Africa R4 287 550.00Atlas Paints R894 843.75Provision of PPE materials were also provided in support of the Ministerial outreaches to DLTCs and Taxi Ranks. The appointed suppliers are the following:Cherry Pickles R175 500.00Morerishi Travel R90 000.00The Department also procured serivces and goods for purposes of its Head Office in Pretoria and to disinfect the building and have it compliant for staff to return to work.The following suppliers were appointed:Hamisa R26 569.14Amet R51 750The national Department of Transport has since ring-fenced funding for provinces to buy PPEs on their own behalf. 15% of the Public Transport Operations Grant (PTOG) is been made available for this purpose and agreement with the National Treasury and the Gazetted Grant Framework.
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