South African consolidated and updated provincial legislation

This collection of consolidated and updated provincial legislation is provided in partnership with Laws.Africa .

Provincial legislation is updated within two weeks of amendments being published in the South African government gazette.



Provincial regulations

Limpopo Traditional Leadership and Institutions Act, 2005 (Act 6 of 2005)

Mpumalanga Gambling Levies Act, 2007 (Act 5 of 2007)

Mpumalanga Nature Conservation Act, 1998 (Act 10 of 1998)

Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency Act, 2005 (Act 5 of 2005)

North West Petitions Act, 2010 (Act 2 of 2010)

Northern Cape Gambling Levies Act, 2009 (Act 4 of 2009)

Western Cape Provincial Road Traffic Administration Act (Act 6 of 2012)

Mpumalanga Traditional Leadership and Governance Act, 2005 (Act 3 of 2005)

Provincial Archives and Records Service of the Western Cape Act (Act 3 of 2005)

Western Cape Ambulance Services Act (Act 3 of 2010)

Western Cape Biosphere Reserves Act (Act 6 of 2011)

Western Cape Health Care Waste Management Act (Act 7 of 2007)

Western Cape Land Use Planning Act, 2014 (Act 3 of 2014)