Kajee v Special Investigations Unit and Others ; Special Investigating Unit and Others v Lekabe and Another; In re: Actions brought under case numbers GP/09/2019 and GP/22/2021 (GP09/2019; GP22/2021) [2023] ZAST 16 (20 November 2023)


Application for the consolidation of two actions in terms of Uniform Rule 11 read with Tribunal Rule 28(1) – the application is opposed only to the extent that the second respondent seeks the notice of motion set aside as an irregular step in terms of Uniform Rule 30 read with Tribunal Rule 28(1) – irregular step application dismissed. It was brought frivolously and vexatiously. Punitive costs warranted. Proper case made for the consolidation of the two actions. Consolidation application granted. Costs are costs in the cause


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